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  • Robust full silicone mouse with laser detection
  • Complete cleanable and sanitizable
  • Can be even immersed into detergents
  • Closed housing with integrated scroll keys
  • A robust construction and the use of high-quality materials ensure longevity.
  • Modifications on demand
  • Suitable for medical use – for use in hospitals or medical practices
  • Lies comfortably in the hand and can be operated comfortably. Suitable for right- and left-handed users.
  • FCC Certificate
  • Meets infection control requirements

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InduMouse – The sanitizable PC mouse with ergonomic shape

The InduMouse has an ergonomic design and is a convincing product. Τhanks to its pleasant sense of touch and the very high degree of protection that it provides.  Ιt is suitable for use in almost any hygiene-sensitive area.  It is possible to completely clean and disinfect the unit. It has a long serviceable life as a result of its high-quality workmanship – after all it is “Made in Germany”.

High quality for high standards

The InduMouse is manufactured in line with the highest quality standards. This means that this mouse is both dust proof and completely waterproof. Cleaning and disinfection of the silicone mouse is easy by washing or immersing the product in liquids. Thus your hygiene management is optimally supported by our InduMouse.




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