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PCI-1680U-BE, 2-port CAN Uni-PCI Comm. Card w/ Isolation

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PCI-1680U is a special purpose communication card that offers the connectivity of the Controller Area Network (CAN) to your PC. With its built-in CAN controllers, the PCI-1680U provides bus arbitration and error detection with an automatic transmission repeat function. This drastically reduces the chance of data loss and ensures system reliability. The on-board CAN controllers are located at different positions in the memory, and you can run both CAN controllers independently at the same time. Besides, PCI-1680U has a universal PCI connector, which is compatible with both new 3.3 V signaling systems and traditional 5 V signaling systems. With high-compatibility, the PCI-1680U can be used in diverse systems.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 227 × 159 × 40 cm


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