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PCI-1758UDIO-AE, 128-ch Isolated Digital I/O Card

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PCI-1758UDI and PCI-UDIO provide an interrupt function for every digital input channel.You can disable/enable the interrupt functions, and select trigger type by setting the Rising Edge Interrupt Registers or Falling Edge Interrupt Registers of the card. When the interrupt request signals occur, software will service these interrupt requests by ISR. The multiple interrupt sources provide the card with more flexibility. The digital filter function is used to eliminate glitches on input data and reduce the number of changes to examine and process. The filter blocks pulses that are shorter than the specified timing interval and passes pulses that are twice as long as the specified interval. Intermediate-length pulses that are longer than half of the interval, but less than the interval, may or may not pass the filter depending on your settings.

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Dimensions229 × 161 × 42 cm



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