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PCI-1780U-AE, 8-ch Counter/Timer Card

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PCI-1780 is a general purpose multi-channel counter/timer card for the PCI bus. It targets the AM9513 to implement the counter/timer function by CPLD. It provides eight 16-bit counter channels, 8 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs. Its powerful counter functions cater to a broad range of industrial and laboratory applications. The card features 12 programmable counter modes, to provide one shot output, PWM output, periodic interrupt output, time-delay output, and to measure the frequency and the pulse width. The PCL-10168 shielded cable works well with PCI-1780 to reduce noise. Its wires are all twisted pairs, and the input signals and output signals are separately shielded,providing minimal cross talk between signals and the best protection against EMI/EMC problems.For easier configuration, PCI-1780 supports Plug and Play, and have also been equipped with an Advantech BoardID. DIP switch that helps define each card?s unique identity when multiple identical PCI cards have been installed in the same computer. The BoardID switch is very useful when you build your system with multiple identical PCI cards. With the correct BoardID switch settings, you can easily identify and access each card during hardware configuration and software programming.

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