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APAX-5080-AE, 4/8-ch High Speed Counter Module

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Supports multiple operating modes: (1) Up mode (2) Up/Down mode (3) Pulse/Direction mode (4) A/B Phase mode (5) Frequency mode.
4 or 8 counter channels depends on operating modes.
32-bit counter range with 1 bit overflow/underflow.
1 MHz counter frequency.
4 digital input channels with counter gate functionality.
4 digital output channels with counter alarm output functionality.
Over voltage, short circuit and thermal protection design.
2500 VDC isolation protection (between channels and backplane).

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APAX-5080-AE, 4/8-ch High Speed Counter Module.
The APAX-5080 Counter Module from Advantech has up to eight channels and is hot-swappable.
The APAX-5080, with its 4/8 counter channels, can take counts from multiple sources at the same time using any of its five operating modes (UP, UP/Down, Frequency, Pulse/Direction, and A/B Phase). As a result, hardware installation costs are reduced, and scalability is increased.

Weight 0,175 kg
Dimensions 236 × 160 × 55 cm


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